Small fix


We just uploaded a fixed version which should solve the black screen bug which some of you were experiencing. It replaces the old version.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi! it’s been a long time, right? we have some good news. We ported ACABAN’s code to a somewhat recent fork of Fenix, with almost no problems, we must say… and we just upload a new version of ACABAN. You can download as always, from the downloads page or the link on the right.

What’s new?

– Windows Vista / 7 compatibility (finally!)

– Performance improvements. REALLY. It goes like a charm. In some machines ACABAN sounded poorly, now sound performance is superb.

– Nothing else. What? Only this? well, it’s not ONLY, but who knows. Stay tuned just in case.

Today ACABAN made a small appearance in Publico, a Spanish daily, in an interesting article about the Second “Tú También Puedes” Competition. ACABAN is mentioned as the winner of the previous competition, and there is a quick interview with Nae (Tú También Puedes main responsible) and us.

This makes the second time ACABAN is featured in the “conventional media”, counting the previous TV appearance in channel La 2, back on 23rd August of 2007. We’re happy that the competition (and our game, of course) is being promoted in this way so it reachs more audience… And of course, every other mention in blogs or online magazines like Meristation.

We’re looking forward to the Second Competition!

We recently found out ACABAN has been featured in Soldat MoviesGames Worth Playing, a blog run by Jared about free games that are worth checking. We feel proud of our little, dark, weird game 🙂

Take a look at the other games, too! Some of them are great.

We also COULD!


We did it ! ACABAN ended first place for the “Tú También Puedes” competition! We’re very happy and motivated to release a new version as soon as possible! 😀 We want to thank Nae and everyone who contributed to the competition. It has been very important for us to achieve this – it’s our first time we worked this much and finished a game *together*.

Remember to check the web to try all the games out.

In few words; we have our GGE site for ACABAN up and running. We hope to reach more non-Spanish players this way. Check it!

Great Games Experiment

Aiming for…


Our next objectives for ACABAN are:

  • – Up to date Fenix version (improve performance and fix Vista compatibility).
  • – Linux & Mac ports.
  • – Chapter II (in development).

Point 1 and 2 require some changes in the code (and port, recompile the DLLs we use) so it will take some time. Right now point 3 will possibly advance significantly faster than the other two.

We appreciate your patience and support.

Finally, after some intense days with fixes, adjustments and so, we proudly finish and publish this web with ACABAN 1.0 R1 download (with a recently baked Chapter I), and the “You Can Too” Competition version.

Now it’s time to rest a bit and keep up with our particular responsibilities, and after that, go on, step by step, with our objectives for the next ACABAN release.


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